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Volume COVID-19 Testing for Your Company, Team, or Temporary Staff

Med2U provides on-site COVID-19 testing for your company personal or temporary work staff. Focusing our capabilities to help protect your corporation, business, agency, or healthcare practice to avoid costly downtime and keep your team and staff safe.

Located in the heart of Southern California, Med2U is a leader in Mobile Laboratory Services and the only company to offer both reliable mobile specimen collection and laboratory diagnostic testing.

My team is vaccinated, do I need to get them tested?

CDC recommends the highly effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine to everyone. However, because people can still get sick and possibly spread COVID-19 to others after being fully vaccinated, it is best practice to routinely get tested to insure a safe return to the workplace or shared office space.

Med2U can coordinate volume testing over a very short period of time. Scheduling individuals at home or organize multiple tests in one location for even faster service and results.

  • Volume testing as a onetime “pop-up” group assessment

  • Reoccurring testing at a frequency that meets your company needs

  • Certified and experienced Mobile technicians specimen collection

  • Proper specimen collection and handling for accurate resulting.

  • All necessary testing supplies and are provided

  • Hazardous waste are properly removed and disposed of by our team

  • Results are confidential and are made available according to HIPAA compliance guidelines

Med2U Concierge COVID-19 testing is not covered by insurance and does NOT require a doctor's order or requisition for testing.

Test Pricing:

  • 10-50 Tests: $90 Each

  • 50+ Tests – Call for Pricing: (844) 886-3328

Testing Methodology

RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction)

Real Time RT-PCR methodology is one of the most accurate and sensitive laboratory methods for detecting if you are CURRENTLY INFECTED with the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

  • RT-PCR testing requires a nasopharyngeal swab to collect nasal secretions.

  • Results typically in 12-24 hours depending on volume.

Looking for Medicare Approved COVID-19 testing with no out-of-pocket costs?

Click Here

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