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Can I have my blood drawn at home or work?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Yes you can!

Med2U is Southern California's leading in-home blood draw and mobile laboratory service. Available for service in Los Angels County, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Coachella Valley, Temecula Valley, and San Diego County.

In todays world, you can do just about everything from the comfort of home these days, Medical services are no exception. In fact, as America’s elderly population continues to grow, so does demand for health-related services that can be provided in the comfort of home. Add the new demand for safer environments and protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you get a heightened growth and focus on the importance of home care capabilities.

Med2U has been focusing on perfecting mobile laboratory services well before the pandemic, delivering caring and reliable mobile blood draws in the comfort of home, care facility, or workplace. Our fast and convenient services are not only for the homebound and elderly, but anyone in need of blood work without the risk and frustration of a traditional laboratory visit.


Who do we service?

General Public: Do you have a doctors order for routine or stat blood draw? We can quickly and conveniently draw your blood at home or workplace and deliver specimens to your physicians preferred laboratory for processing.

Seniors and Elderly: We understand how difficult a laboratory visit can be, especially if an individual has limited mobility or is homebound. Our experienced mobile phlebotomists are very patient and caring, and specialize in difficult draws. Our services are Medicare Part-B approved with no out-of-pocket costs.

Home Blood Kit Draws: You can order various home blood draw kits to get a specific snap shot of your health or food sensitivities. Med2U can properly collect your blood specimens, prepare and deliver to FedEx or UPS for you.

Pediatric Draws: Laboratory visits for children can be a very stressful experience. Our caring and patient mobile phlebotomists can significantly reduce the possibility of anxiety or trauma of a blood draw by serving right at home, where your child is the most comfortable.

Clinical Trials: Med2U can manage hundreds of visits and schedule directly with each participant or service multiple participants in a single location. Our CLIA certified laboratory delivers timely and accurate results.

Home Health Agencies: Extend your agency capabilities with reliable and fast mobile phlebotomy, lab testing, and courier service. Our blood draws and laboratory processing are Medicare approved and can easily be ordered and managed online through our Client Portal.

Independent & Assisted Living (RCFE): Quality care and expedited service directly to your residents door. Same day service with next day testing results. Our mobile technicians are experienced with RCFE guidelines and protocols.

Practice & Mobile Physicians: Med2U delivers the most efficient mobile laboratory service available. Order and manage service requests online through our Client Portal. Automated faxed testing results by next day so your practice can stay focused on patient care.


Med2U Mobile Blood Draw & Concierge Laboratory Service

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