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Private service for you or a loved one

​We understand it may not be easy or desirable to go to an exposed laboratory location. Our highly skilled mobile phlebotomists will conveniently draw blood in the comfort of home, or care facility and are experienced in difficult draws, geriatrics, and pediatrics.

All Med2U technicians are screened, certified, and adhere to current COVID-19 PPE guidelines. Patient care and respect are of utmost importance.


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  • Physician Ordered Labs

  • Fasting Blood Draws

  • Standing / Repeating Orders

  • Geriatric & Difficult Draws

  • Comforting Pediatric Draws

  • Time Sensitive Therapeutic Draws

  • Blood Analysis Kit Draws



*No Cost For Approved

Medicare Part-B Orders

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Request a Mobile Blood Draw

Fast, Convenient, Safe, and Private.

*ALL MEDICARE PATIENTS REQUIRE A DOCTOR'S ORDER OR PRESCRIPTION TO QUALIFY FOR SERVICE. Please select your option below and upload your available paperwork for verification.
Med2U can process your lab requests in-house without a lab order, however, there are additional fees for processing. Would you like to receive pricing for your laboratory processing needs?
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Unfortunately, we CANNOT service your request without a Doctor's Order. would you like us to contact you about other service options?

Service Location Information


Payment Information

Mobile Blood Draw Service Terms & Conditions

  • No payment will be processed until order is reviewed and authorized by intake department.

  • Once payment process is complete, you will be contacted for scheduling.

  • All appointments are scheduled within a 2 HOUR service window.

  • All reschedules MUST be made at least 2 hours BEFORE confirmed time window.

  • No refund for any cancelation or reschedule LESS than 2 hours before confirmed service time window.

  • To cancel or reschedule appointment call 844-886-3328.

  • All refunds will incur a 10% chargeback fee.

  • Follow up visits for specimen pickups (urine, stool, etc.) may require additional charges.

  • Med2U is not responsible for any testing results that are processed by outside laboratories. 

  • Med2U is not responsible for analyzing or discussing laboratory produced results with anyone.

Request successfully submitted! Your order will now be reviewed and verified for service. Continue to read below for our scheduling & service protocols


What happens next?

Order Review and Assigning
Order requests are reviewed for all necessary information and are assigned to a mobile phlebotomists in your area. Any order received before 3pm pacific time typically will be serviced the next working day. Orders received on Friday before 3pm pacific time will be placed on schedule for the following Monday or working day. "STAT" orders may qualify for a Saturday Service. **If any required information is missing, illegible, or a payment is required, your order will be placed on hold and a case manager will contact the ordering party in attempt to retrieve the missing documentation and or payment.

Scheduling and Servicing
Once all necessary information has been reviewed and qualified and your order has been assigned to an area technician, you will receive a call the evening before the date of service by your mobile phlebotomist to confirm availability for the next day. All orders are scheduled within a 2 hour service window, fasting draws typically accommodated before 10am.
If we cannot make contact to confirm availability, or the patient is unavailable, the order may be placed on hold and rescheduled for another day. If you have not been contacted by our team please call us at 844-886-3328.

Follow Up Visits
If orders require a specimen such a urine or stool sample and cannot be produced at the time of the blood draw and a follow up visit is required, your mobile technician will notify a case manager and a return visit will be scheduled for the next working day. DO NOT collect specimens over the weekend, laboratories are closed and specimen will be subject to expire.


Med2U is a fully credited and certified CLIA Laboratory. Specimens are processed in-house and most results are processed within 24-48 hours depending on request. Specialty testing and cultures can take from 3-5 business days. Due to HIPAA compliance, results cannot be sent to private parties or patients. All results will be sent directly to ordering practice or agency. Results have not been received? Contact us at 844-886-3328

If you lab order requires Med2U to courier specimens to and outside laboratory such as Quest or LabCorp, Med2U is not responsible for producing, obtaining, or delivering results. Your laboratory results will be made available directly to your ordering physician through the associated account number on the laboratory requisitions provided.

Med2U is not responsible for analyzing or discussing results to anyone, please contact your physician to review and understand your laboratory results.

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