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Med2U is your Mobile Laboratory Concierge Solution for your Healthcare Agency, RCFE, or Physicians Practice.

With todays fast paced medical service expectations, it's imperative to offer quality mobile services to your healthcare business. Diagnostic Laboratory services are no exception. We understand our quality of service direct reflects your company's reputation and service integrity.

At Med2U, every patient matters.

We make it simple to begin services. No contracts, no commitments, just reliable and compassionate service for your patients. 

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Submit physicians order and our team will do the rest!

Verify ➟ Schedule ➟ Service ➟ Result



Non-Medicare Fee of $65 mobile service + cost per lab test

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looking for private services for you or a loved one?

​We understand it may not be easy or desirable to go to an exposed laboratory location. Our highly skilled mobile phlebotomists will conveniently draw blood in the comfort of home, or care facility and are experienced in difficult draws, geriatrics, and pediatrics.

All Med2U technicians are screened, certified, and adhere to current COVID-19 PPE guidelines. Patient care and respect are of utmost importance.

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How to order our mobile services.

We look forward to accommodating your mobile laboratory needs.

New to Med2U?
Send your service order request and our team will create your new client or patient profile along with a welcome call and order review.

1. Fax or email the following order information

  • Fully completed Med2U service order form and draw requests

  • Physicians order, requisition, or written prescription

  • Please notate desired date of service, or "standing" order requests

2. Order is verified and completed by intake

  • Confirmation of receipt is send back via fax or email

  • Order Issues or fees will be communicated for resolution

  • If fees apply, payment will be collected before scheduling

3. Scheduling, Confirming & Service

  • Orders received before 2pm typically scheduled next day

  • Patients scheduled and confirmed directly with primary contact

  • Technician will draw blood where patient is most comfortable

4. Specimen Testing & Resulting

  • Routine "in-house" results in 24-48 hours (weekends vary)

  • Specialty and "send-out" result times based on complexity

  • Results are faxed to ordering entity on file*

Fax Order Form: 844-782-8329
Email Form: Orders@med2u.com

Questions? Give us a call

* Due to HIPAA compliance restrictions, results cannot be sent directly to private parties or patients. All results will be sent to ordering practice or agency. Med2U is not responsible for analyzing or discussing results to anyone, please contact your physician to review and understand your laboratory results.

What happens next?

Confirmation of Order Receipt
Each order received, whether by fax or email, is entered into our system and a returned fax or emailed "confirmation of receipt" is generated. This will let you know we have received your order service request.

Order Review and Assigning
Order requests are reviewed for all necessary information and are assigned to a mobile phlebotomists in your area. Any order received before 3pm pacific time typically will be serviced the next working day. Orders received on Friday before 3pm pacific time will be placed on schedule for the following Monday or working day. "STAT" orders may qualify for a Saturday Service. **If any required information is missing, illegible, or a payment is required, your order will be placed on hold and a case manager will contact the ordering party in attempt to retrieve the missing documentation and or payment.

Scheduling and Servicing
Once all necessary information has been reviewed and qualified and your order has been assigned to an area technician, you will receive a call the evening before the date of service by your mobile phlebotomist to confirm availability for the next day. All orders are scheduled within a 2 hour service window, fasting draws typically accommodated before 10am.
If we cannot make contact to confirm availability, or the patient is unavailable, the order may be placed on hold and rescheduled for another day. If you have not been contacted by our team please call us at 844-886-3328.

Follow Up Visits
If orders require a specimen such a urine or stool sample and cannot be produced at the time of the blood draw and a follow up visit is required, your mobile technician will notify a case manager and a return visit will be scheduled for the next working day. DO NOT collect specimens over the weekend, laboratories are closed and specimen will be subject to expire.

Med2U is a fully credited and certified CLIA Laboratory. Specimens are processed in-house and most results are processed within 24-48 hours depending on request. Specialty testing and cultures can take from 3-5 business days. Due to HIPAA compliance, results cannot be sent to private parties or patients. All results will be sent to ordering practice or agency. Med2U is not responsible for analyzing or discussing results to anyone, please contact your physician to review and understand your laboratory results.